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TVY Productions

With Special Permission from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group

Enter the colorful world under the sea and swim along with The Pout-Pout Fish and friends as they discover that sometimes friendship is all it takes to find a smile where “dreary wearies” used to be. Based on Deborah Diesen’s “Pout Pout Fish” series, this theatrical experience invites our young audience and their grown ups into an environment of bright ocean colors, memorable music, and playful rhyme in this fun fish story that’s sure to turn even the poutiest of frowns upside down.

Appropriate for ages 18 months to 6 years old & their grown ups.

Limited engagement October 2018-May 2019! 

World Premier Weekend Fall October 4-7 2018

Pout Pout Fish Tour November 2018-May 2019

  • November 4 2018   2:00pm

    • Chilton Public Library at Eagles Club

  • January 19 2019   10:00am

  • February 6 2019   

    • ​Howards Grove School District Field Trip

  • February 16 2019   10:30am & 12:30pm

Accepting Booking  requests for 2018-2019 School Year

In Partnership with Nourish Farms

Enter Our Community and help the residents communicate with a weary traveler. Together we discover the value of community and working together. Inspired by "Stone Soup" this interactive multi sensory experience encourages young guests to take on roles in the community and participate in welcoming the travelers with a pot of healthy soup.

Appropriate for ages 18 months to 10 years old & their grown ups.

Development performances:

Sheboygan's Children and Teen Book Festival 2017 

July 30 2018 Brown County Library East Branch

July 31 2018 Mead Public Library

August 25 2018 Above & Beyond Children's Museum

Now Booking for Spring  2019 

A Joyous Introduction to Theater

Join Bobo and Didi, two delightfully curious characters, while they are waiting for “balloon.” The problem is that neither of them knows exactly what “balloon” is. Through delightful trial and error, exploration and interaction with the audience, the two piece together what makes a balloon a balloon and celebrate all that is discovered while we wait! This is a joyous introduction to creative and interactive story play, or Theater for the Very Young.

Appropriate for ages 18 months to 6 years old & their grown ups.

Touring Schedule July-November 2016:

Mead Public Library Sheboygan 

Bookworm Gardens  Sheboygan 

Lakeshore Weekend for Kids  Sheboygan

Sheboygan Childrens Book Festival 2016  Sheboygan 

Manitowoc Public Library Manitowoc 

Tour no longer available.

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