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Theater for the Very Young (TVY)

What is Theater for the Very Young (TVY)?


Through TVY experiences, youngsters and their grown ups discover the joy of theater through creative play and immersive storytelling.
TVY is:


  • Creative Play​: A fun, engaging experience for youngsters age 18 months to 6 years old an their grown ups!

  • Sensory Play: An inventive approach to interactive, multi-sensory, storytelling 

  • Language Play: An immersive opportunity to nurture (or discover!) focus and creative thinking using the elements of early literacy (reading, writing, playing, talking, singing)

  • Collaborative Play: youngsters discover and play together with their grown ups, new friends,and Dare to Dream Theatre TVY leaders

  • Exploratory Play: a collaborative experience that encourages curiosity and a love for learning.

  • Environmental Play: guests are invited to become part of the story and explore the environment of the narrative when they enter the Story Place for a performance experience

Dare to Dream Theatre Provides opportunities for toddlers to discover theatre in ways that are natural to them. Each of these elements of TVY can be linked to educational and developmental initiatives. These componants also make TVY experiences ideal for children on the autism spectrum by giving them a controlled atmosphere to be social and explore. 

Attend a Free Creative Play Date at one of our partner Libraries.
Bring a TVY Production to your classroom or gathering.
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