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Happy Holidays from Dare to Dream Theatre!

This season we celebrate with you by giving YOU a different gift each day from December 14-December 25 2023. 

Each day at 10:00 AM a new gift will be live for 24 hours. Come back to enter the drawing of the day or claim your gift each day!*

*Gifts will only be available for 24 hours before they disappear! Don't delay!

Day 12: December 24

Day 12.2.jpg

Previous Gifts and Winners

1st Day Wednesday December 13

2 Free tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Everyone who used the code 

$40 Value


2nd Day Thursday December 14 

Dare to Dream Theater T-shirt

Winner: Danielle Starr

$25 Value

3rd Day Friday December 15

2 Free tickets to Wizard of Oz 

Everyone who used the code 

$40 value

4th Day Saturday December 16 

Enrollment in a Dare to Dream Theatre Summer Camp

Winner: Noah Vernau

$200 value

5th Day Sunday December 17

2 Free tickets to The Big Friendly Giant 

Everyone who used the code 

$40 Value

6th Day Monday December 18 

Drawing for 2 Tickets to the Wizard of Oz Tea Party

(held after a matinee performance)

Winner: Erica Wray

$60 Value

7th Day Tuesday December 19

2 Free tickets to Disney's Descendants

Everyone who used the code 

$40 Value

8th Day Wednesday December 20 

Enrollment in a Dare to Dream Theatre Summer Camp

Winner: Jenna Burris 

$200 value

9th Day Thursday December 21 

Participation Fee Waiver for Wizard of Oz (YPE)

Winner: Leslie Copeskey

$100 value

10th Day Friday December 22

Character Visit

Winner: Katie Loest

$250 value

11th Day Saturday December 23

Family Pass Season Tickets

Winner: Nicole Sargent 

$400 value

12th Day Sunday December 24 

Classroom Connections Package 

Winner will be announced January 1 at 10:00 am

$600 value

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