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Dare to Dream Theatre NPAF performing team 2015

Performing Nationally

Performing team members travel to participate in a national theatre festival. 


2010 Disney's Aladdin JR

2011 Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR

2012 Annie JR

2013 Disney's Mulan JR

2014 Into the Woods JR

NATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

2015 Disney's The Little Mermaid JR

2015 Disney's Peter Pan JR

Join us as we travel to perform at the National Performing Arts Festival at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida February 2024

Youth ages 8-19 are eligible for the 2023 NPAF performing team. Nominate a Performer!

Youth ages 15-19 are eligible for the 2023 NPAF Junior Directing Team

Make this trip a vacation! Bring your family and friends!​​

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