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How to Donate to the Dare to Dream Theatre Scholarship Fund

Yes! I want to help a child Dare to Dream

A world where the children of all ages have access to the arts and use their abilities to build a society that recognizes the value of the arts in improving the quality of life.

All Dare to Dream Theatre programming is designed to introduce participants and audiences to theatre, highlight academic learning, explore the art form and connect with the community to share a message, and finally create, perform, and produce high quality experiences accessible to all throughout the community.

I want to:

_______ Sponsor a camper: Summer Camp Participation fee for one child: $150

_______ Sponsor a young actor: Participation fee for one child: $75

_______ Sponsor a student: one session of Theatre Academy for one child: $50

_______ Sponsor a young audience member: ticket for a child and an adult to a production: $25

_______ Provide any other amount of support

Just click on the donate button below and enter the amount you'd like to donate via PayPal.

​You do not need a Paypal account to donate—Paypal makes it safe and secure!

Prefer to support youth theatre in a different way?

Let us know how you'd like to help!

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    Please explain in as much detail as you can, your commitment selection from above. If you'd like to donate more than one thing, you may explain that here, too. *


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