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Imagine. Explore. Discover.  

Join us on an Imagination Journey! Each session will introduce new ways to use our bodies, minds, and voices as we work together to discover amazing things on our Drama Quest.


Students will become characters in a Story Adventure that we develop and act out together.

Tuesdays March 27-May 1

Grades K-2: A Wild Rumpus 

Travel with our hero on an unexpected journey across the Wild Ocean to the jungle island where live many wild things. Using mind, voice, body, and imagination, explore the jungle and meet it's wild inhabitants. Can you help our hero tame the creatures and find a way home? Each day adds to the adventure, so you won't want to miss a session!

Grades 3-5: Dragon Tamers

Travel back to the time of the vikings when dragons fill the sky. Uncover your skills as part of a team of Dragon Tamers determined to win the trust of these fiery creatures and save your village. Each Day, discover a different challenge bound to test your skills of creative thinking, communication, and community as you meet and tame these amazing creatures. 

Grades 4-5: Off the Map

You have been stranded on a mysterious island  with no rescue in sight. Follow a trail of clues to explore the island and find a way home. Use your sleuthing skills to solve the mystery as we forge a brand new story while exploring the elements of storytelling.

Grades 1-9: Wizard Academy

Immerse yourself in a magical world inspired by the popular Harry Potter Series. Become a student in the houses of Arulean, Glennvaron, Ilmari, or Celosia as you work together to explore the world around you through the lens of imagination. Each level will be faced with a different challenge that will require teamwork, creative thinking, imagination, and communication skills, not to mention knowledge of science, math, history, social studies, and more! 

Dare to Dream Theatre teaching artists will lead students in an immersive adventure in which they must take on roles and work together to complete a quest or solve a mystery. 


Each 45 minute session explores character education themes and expands on classroom learning in the areas of Science, ELA, Social Studies, Music, Art, and more.


Drama Quest Residencies can be customized to match your classroom or library curriculum, theme, and specific age. 

Drama Quests are ideal for groups of 8-18 students to allow maximum opportunities for all students to participate and engage. 

Residencies can range from one session each day for a week, one session weekly for six weeks, or one session monthly for 6 months. 


CONTACT us for more information or to schedule your Drama Quest Residency or camp program.



-Where the Wild Things Are

-Wizard Academy

-Pout-Pout Fish (coming soon)


-How to Train your Dragon

-Wizard Academy



-The Sisters Grimm

-The Lost Years of Merlin

-Wizard Academy


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