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Family Volunteer Requirements

Dare to Dream Theatre values the support of the families and friends of staff, board members, cast, and community.

Since we are dependent on community support and talents of volunteers, the family of each cast member is required to complete at least 10 volunteer tasks during the course of rehearsals and performances. When volunteer involvement is not possible for a family, there is a "buy out" option available. 

Family Participation Agreement

Youth Participation Agreement

Student Participation Agreement (classes)

Volunteer Sign up Form

Participation Fees

$75/youth cast member

Dare to Dream Theatre believes that quality arts enrichment should be available and accessible to all. In an effort to welcome as many youth and families as possible, we request scholarship applicants contribute 10% -75% of the listed fee. Applicants may request a full waiver in exchange for additional  approved Family Volunteer hours, but we can not guarantee approval of all such requests.

Scholarship application requires completed submission on or before the posted deadline.

Scholarship application


Overview of Volunteer Stage Families



Projects may include: tracing, pinning and cutting out patterns; Sewing patterns; adding details via applique, paint, or other means; assist costume designer with alterations; Creating a full costume from provided pattern and materials; assisting during the run of the show with wardrobe duties including minor repairs and maintenance of costumes; laundering costumes during tech, performances, and after the run of the show.


Projects may include: finding props items at thrift stores; following instructions with provided materials to create props; designing and creating specific props; small painting and costume or set decorating projects; Assisting backstage crew on Props duties during tech and performances; Assist with care, inventory, and return of props at Strike.


Projects may include: Attending Set Build Days to work with Set Designer and Master Carpenter in offsite shop to cut and assemble set; Take home materials and instructions to work on Take Home Set Projects in your own garage or workshop; Attend Painting and Set Decorating Work Days to paint, staple, glue, and create set dressing; Assist with disassembly and return of materials to storage at strike. 


Attend Tech and Performances to Assist BACKSTAGE MANAGER with moving set pieces on/off. Commitment to all tech rehearsals and performances fulfills family requirement for the show.


Projects may include: attend Makeup Workshop with Designers and assist with application during each night of tech and performances. Commitment to workshops and all tech rehearsals and performances fulfills family requirement for the show.


Projects may include: Donating and delivering themed baked goods for bake sale before and after performances and during intermission; Box office ticket sales before performances; Ushering; Managing and selling treats and sweets at the bakesale; Selling themed merchandise at performances; managing cast show apparel orders; Seeking advertisers and sponsors; Keep Appreciation Station and Lightbulb Lab stocked and organized for rehearsals.


Projects may include: completing delivery of established routes by deadline; assisting with website updates; Sharing all posts made by D2D staff on personal social media; assist Marketing Manager as requested; Seeking advertisers and sponsors; 


Projects may include: brainstorming and managing Show Specific fundraisers and cast challenges; Connecting Staff with potential donors or partner organizations; Coordinating Brat fries or community non-profit fundrasier events (ie Applebees panckage breakfast, A&W, Pizza Ranch etc); Manage and coordinate candy bar sales; etc.


Projects may include: Assist the young actors with entrances and exits during performances and tech rehearsals; assist with supervision during rehearsals in which young cast members are called; Supervise quiet areas and eating areas;

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