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Through the World of the Young

Fridays are the best days of the week. But not because the work week is ending, but because of the experts I get to interact with.

Every Friday Morning from 10:00-11:00 at Mead Public Library, Manitowoc Public Library, or Nourish, I get to tap the brains of the experts and experience the joy of discovery with them.

A Creative Play Date.

But it's more than that. It's a collaboration with the best of the best...with the experts in creativity.


Totally. Who knows imagination, discovery, and play better than the ones who spend their working day doing just that? For after all, the work of a child is play. To a child, everything is magical and new and creative. Every new activity is a surprising adventure.

I am extremely proud of Dare to Dream Theatre's TVY (Theater for the Very Young) Program. Through TVY productions and Creative Play dates, we are able to interact with youngsters age 2-5 and see the world through their eyes of discovery and possibility while creating theatrical experiences especially for them.

We've explored the narrative of "Stone Soup" with kids age 2 through 10, and each age level provided a whole different set of discoveries. Everything from touching everything (and trying to put it in their mouth) to logically and creatively thinking and adding to the narrative itself. We discovered the joy of turning pages to find what happens next, to dancing with ribbons, and creating our own "Stone Soup", before tasting the hearty soup made by Jake Lambrecht of Nourish.

Without them really knowing it, we've spent time exploring the 5 elements of Early Literacy.

TALKING: Kids have SUCH amazing stories to tell, even when the stories are non-verbal. Watch. Listen. Marvel. Kids are amazing story tellers.

SINGING: Music is universal. Turn on the music and hear them mimic and sing along. Watch them move and discover.

READING: Ready, set, read! Read to them. Or better yet, show them the words on page. Watch as they begin to recognize the symbols on the page and associate them with meanings.

WRITING: It may look like scribbles, but to a child, their scribbles are the beginnings of written communication.

PLAYING: It's time to go on an imagination journey! Imaginative play helps kids put their thoughts into words.

It's truly amazing what kids can shine light on. I'm totally loving it.

Intrigued? Come join us!

Mead Library: March 3, April 7, May 12

Manitowoc Library: March 10, April 14, May 19

Nourish: March 17, April 21

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