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One Theater World

This past week I had the privilege to spend 3 days (in the Bay Area of California) with some amazing artists who do work for kids and with kids.


Dreamers. People who see the value in sharing the, exploring the world THROUGH the arts. And all of us at this biannual convention have chosen to do so with and for kids.

Magic is made when adults and children engage in positive, learning, creative endeavors together, and it was amazing to breathe the air charged with energy, enthusiasm, ideas, and passion.

But the coolest thing to see was that it wasn't just the creatives bursting with excitement, ideas, and passion...the Administrators, the Marketing teams, the Media, the Accountants, the Teachers, the Bus drivers. EVERYONE who was at this convention was part of the magic.

The name chosen for this convention could not be more appropriate...One Theatre World.

It means that we are ALL in this together. No matter our role. Even when we feel far away from others who see the world in the same way we do. Each perspective has value. Each voice has worth. We just need to remember to listen. And when we do, we learn something new. We hear something magical.

It means each voice has worth, no matter our age or circumstance. Kids and Adults have value and receive equal claim to the benefit the arts provide. Each voice deserves to be heard. Be it through the words written by an author, young or old. Be it through ideas presented by a performer, be they through music, poem, or play. Be the voice be in Spanish, English, German, French, Russian, or any other language. All Artists of all ages speak the same language. The Language of the Heart. And that language is universal.

It means boundaries can not contain art. It is our differences that make us unique. It is our uniqueness that makes us stand out. And it is standing out that helps us unite. Language, Oceans, Geographic Boundary Lines, Circumstance, Age, Physical Ability, Gender...none of these can stand in the way of expressing oneself...and there are SO many stories to be told!

SO. It's time to start telling.

What is YOUR Story?

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